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SHREE VIKAS INDUSTRIES is Registered in 1997, has made itself a name in Packaging Industry, when WINDSOR Monolayer Film Plant , Ahmedabad, was installed for the first time in the center of our country , Madhya Pradesh. As and when ,according to market ,it updated itself and installed Three layer Film Plant, with high quality level of Cutting Machine and Printing Machine , and Quality Testing Machine and grew itself as a Company which provides SAFE and Best Packaging Products.

We also have our Sister firm, SUCHITA INDUSTRIES Where We manufacture Ground nut oil and COTTON SEED OIL CAKE which is made by extracting oil by crushing cotton seeds and it is used in the Cattle feed Industry.

Our Mission

Our Mission To make customer's work successful by providing good quality packaging products and customer satisfaction with on time delivery.

Our Plan

We have an immense amount of knowledge from years of experience as a manufacturing company, and continue to expand our practice each and every day.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create more opportunities in the industry with the awareness of plastic products.


As we deal in Packaging Industry, so it is very important to give our best,and to be the best.We assure that our services are best according to the clients specific requirements in the respective industry.Our Services and main Application of Products are as follows.

On Time Delivery

We are trying our best to Deliver product on or before time to the customer

Good Quality Products

We are committed to deliver good quality goods to our customers.

Wide range of Customers

We have wide range of Industries and customers across India.

Food Industries

Many Food Industries are our clients they use our packaging products for Safe Inner Packaging.

Breweries Industries

Many Breweries Industries also our clients they use our products for Safe packging from Outside.

Chemical Industries

Many Chemical Industries also our clients they use our products for Safe packging from Both inside and outside packaging.

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LLDPE Plastic Rolls

Linear low-density polyethylene

LLDPE Plastic Sheets

Linear low-density polyethylene

Shrink Rolls

Packaging Shrink rolls

Shrink Packaging

packaging Film

Poly Propylene Bag

PP Bag with Handle and Printing


Low Density Polyethylene SHEETs

LDPE Rolls

Low Density Polyethylene

PP woven Bag with liner

Poly Propylene Liner Bag with printing

Bag without Handle

Poly Propylene laminated Bag with printing

Bag without Lamination

Poly Propylene without lamination Bag with printing

Cattle Feed

Suchita Industries Product

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